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Who are we ?



For 5 years the OCETRA company has specialized in the fields of underwater and maritime works in the Indian Ocean basin.

OCETRA offers a response to your needs by involving all of its staff in order to provide a solution that is best suited to your project, whatever its complexity.
The operators are professionals trained in the specifics of our islands and weather conditions.

OCETRA has become a subsidiary of ETPO.
This association makes it possible to combine our skills and thus collaborate together on large-scale works in the maritime environment.
This union is also necessary for export projects.
Through our profession, safety, quality and environmental protection are major themes to which we pay particular attention.




To be responsible is to work ...

With respect for our customers, our employees, the environment and all of our partners.

To be committed is to contribute ...

to respond, through our concrete actions in the field - to major societal challenges, by giving priority to local jobs, integration and local added value of our projects, by favoring openness to society and partnerships, by betting on solidarity.


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Following in the footsteps of my father, I decided to take up the noble profession of sea-diver which I have been doing for more than a decade now.

In 2013, I set myself a great challenge; that of creating my own maritime and underwater works company.

This is how OCETRA was born. Since that day, my teams and I have carried out multiple operations on major projects in Reunion Island, whilst sharing our expertise and know-how globally.


In my opinion, the success of a business relies on its ability to meet the most complex challenges whilst abiding to norms and standards.


We are holders of the COFRAC accreditation and are fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 17 065 standard.

We have also started the necessary procedures in order to obtain the Bureau Veritas certification ISO 45001, IMCA, MASE.





Our team

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